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Manure Management

Manure recently spread on field


Livestock farms must deal with the manure the animals generate. Animal manure can negatively impact water and air quality if not handled properly. NRCS has many practices and technical information to help farmers with manure management. Properly managed manure can improve soil quality, crop yields and reduce the risk of runoff to the surface waters.

Structural / Engineering conservation practices related to manure management include:

  • Waste Storage Facility (313)
  • Heavy Use Area Protection (561)
  • Roofs and Covers (367)
  • Waste Transfer (634)
  • Composting Facility (317)
  • Pumping Plant (533)

Agronomic / Non-structural conservation practices related to manure management include:

  • Cover Crop (340)
  • Nutrient Management (590)

See the  Vermont NRCS Conservation Practice Webpage for more information related to conservation practice standards and practice information and Practice Job Sheets or Implementation Requirements. 

Injecting manure as a component of the Nutrient Management conservation practice conserves nutrients and reduces potential for runoff.injecting manure on field conserves nutrients