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About Us

About the Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Natural Resources Conservation Service puts over 75 years of experience to work in assisting owners of America's private land with conserving their soil, water, and other natural resources. Local, state and federal agencies and policymakers also rely on our expertise. We deliver technical assistance based on sound science and suited to a customer's specific needs. Cost shares and financial incentives are available in some cases. Most work is done with local partners. Our partnership with local conservation districts serves almost every county in the nation, and the Caribbean and Pacific Basin. Participation in our programs is voluntary.

Our Mission

The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment.

Inspired by a shared passion for conservation. Vermont NRCS collaborates with farmers, private landowners, communities, and state and local conservation partners to protect and improve natural resources on private lands.

Read more about our success in this 2017 Vermont NRCS Report.

For contact information, see our contacts page.

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