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Range & Pasture

Pasture & Forages

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

List of Grazing GuideSheets (pdf, 66 KB)
Adding Legumes to Grass Pastures  (pdf, 446 KB)
Alfalfa (pdf, 200 KB)
Bermudagrass (pdf, 262 KB)
Calibrating a Spreader (pdf, 181 KB)
Controlled Calving Season (pdf, 136 KB)
Eastern Gamagrass (pdf, 303 KB)
Electric Fencing (pdf, 542 KB)
Forage Growth and Management Effects (pdf, 414 KB)
Management Schedule (pdf, 81 KB)
Nutrition Program Goals (pdf, 297 KB)
Orchardgrass (pdf, 245 KB)
Rotation Considerations (pdf, 345 KB)
Soil Sampling and pH Management for Forages (pdf, 310 KB)
Stockpiling Tall Fescue (pdf, 197 KB)
Tall Fescue Characteristics and Management Issues (pdf, 489 KB)

The following documents require Microsoft Excel.

Forage Supply and Demand Worksheet (AUM's) (xls, 998 KB)

The following documents require Acrobat Reader
National Resources:

Dairy Farmer Profitability Using Intensive Rotational Stocking (pdf, 282 KB)
Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring - January 2020 (pdf, 7.7 MB)
Pasture Condition Score Sheet - January 2020 (pdf, 153 KB)
Prescribed Grazing & Feed Management for Lactating Dairy (pdf, 15 MB)
"Electric Fencing Serious Graziers." USDA, Missouri (pdf, 3 MB)