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Improving Survival Rates For Hardwood Plantings - This report (pdf, 264 kb) summarizes the results of a two-year effort conducted between 2006 and 2008 to evaluate hardwood planting sites in Virginia.

Forestry is the art and science of growing and managing forests and forest lands for the continuing use of their resources.  Good forestry and wise forest management is key to maintaining Virginia's forest dominated landscape.  The Bay State's working forests provide clean water, recreation, aesthetics, wildlife habitat, and a variety of forest products such as quality hardwood sawlogs, firewood, maple syrup, etc. 

NRCS’ role is to work with private landowners to help them determine and meet their management objectives.  NRCS can help landowners realize the importance of the resources associated with their forest land and to understand the effects of different management decisions.  In addition, problems with the land or “resource concerns” (e.g. soil erosion, invasive plants) will be identified and can be addressed with conservation practices implemented through a Conservation Plan.

NRCS works closely with public and private consulting foresters and wildlife managers to achieve the best possible results for the commonwealth's landowners.  A good first step for forest landowners is to work directly with a private consulting forester to development a forest management plan.  In fact, a forest management plan is required before NRCS forest based practices may be applied on the ground.  

For those that do not have a forest plan, NRCS can help with that as well.  NRCS offers a Forest Management Plan that meets Use Value Appraisal (UVA) standards and also addresses forest stewardship elements such as recreation, aesthetics, wildlife habitat, rare species, etc.  In addition, these NRCS funded plans will also provide a framework for identifying and implementing NRCS practices on the ground to improve the forest.   NRCS has a list of private consulting Technical Service Provider (TSP) foresters approved to develop these plans.