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Rapid Watershed Assessment

Rapid Watershed Assessment

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging the development of rapid watershed assessments in order to increase the speed and efficiency generating information to guide conservation implementation, as well as the speed and efficiency of putting it into the hands of local decision makers.

A Rapid Watershed Assessment (RWA) is a set of initial estimates of where conservation investments might best address local resource concerns. The information is intended to be used along with other relevant information to assist individuals, communities, non-profits, local, state and federal entities and others to evaluate future conservation activities on a watershed basis.

The assessments for each watershed are listed below. The assessments are intended to be used for planning purposes only and can be updated as new information becomes available. Clicking on the map below will enable access to the individual resource maps used in the assessment.

Click here for the Upper Weber watershed Click here for the Upper Green River watershed Click here for the Lower Green River watershed Click here for the Montezuma Creek watershed Click here for the Lower Sevier watershed Click here for the Middle Sevier watershed Click here for the Escalante Desert watershed Click here for the Upper Virgin watershed Utah Watershed Map

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

HUC-8 Watershed Name Assessment Date Published
16030006 Escalante Desert PDF, 2.35 MB May 2007
14060008 Lower Green PDF, 1.0 MB March 2007
16030005 Lower Sevier PDF, 1.06 MB September 2006
16030003 Middle Sevier PDF, 1.32 MB March 2007
14080203 Montezuma Creek PDF,  1.46 MB March 2007
14060005 Upper Green PDF, 1.0 MB July 2007
15010008 Upper Virgin PDF, 1.08 MB March 2007
16020101 Upper Weber PDF, 1.43 MB July 2007

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