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Success Stories



Read about Utah farmers and ranchers who are taking positive steps to protect the natural resources on their land.

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Benefits from Riparian Restoration Work


Jim Hook, owner of the Recapture Lodge and volunteer fire chief in Bluff, has been working for years to manage and restore the riparian habitat on his property along the San Juan River in southeast Utah.  His hard work over the years has begun to yield results as the invasive plants have begun to die and native plants are taking their place.  An endangered bird species, the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (SWFL), is one of the species that will benefit from his restoration work. At the confluence of Cottonwood Creek and the San Juan River, and small patch of potentially suitable SWFL nesting habitat is becoming established.  More (HTML...)

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Farmer Develops Small Pasture System After Attending NRCS Pasture School


Darrell Yardley is a well-known cattle rancher in the scenic southern Utah  farming community of Beaver. His 200 head cow/calf operation utilizes more than 200 acres of nearby rangeland and 23 acres of irrigated pastureland in the lush Beaver valley. He often harvests a good hay crop from the irrigated pastures—especially during drought years when alfalfa production is down.  More (HTML...)

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Century Farm Gets its First Center Pivot Irrigation System


Northern Utah Farmer Shane Holmgren grew up watching his father meet with the local conservationist and carry out plans to improve his rangeland in ways that would benefit and improve their cattle and waterfowl habitat.  More (HTML...)

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Strong Partnership Yields Successful Watershed Protection Project


Robert Gappmayer has been involved in farming since he was a boy  in the small Utah farming community of Wallsburg.  The beautiful green valley, ideal for raising cattle, has a stream running through it that provides water for irrigation and livestock.  About seven years ago, a state water quality study flagged the stream as exceeding phosphorous and sediment standards.  More (HTML...)

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Soil and Climate Data Help Farmer Reduce Severe Weather Risks


Utah dairyman Dee Waldron watches the weather like a hawk. He wants clear, up-to-date weather and climate information anytime and anywhere that help him make critical farming decisions, such as when to irrigate, plant and harvestMore (HTML...)

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Innovative Farmer Saves Energy


Roger Barton, like other farmers in the West, must irrigate the alfalfa hay he raises for horse owners.  Since his small Emery County Utah farm does not provide enough income for the entire family, he has to work elsewhere and he has to think of ways to keep his farm costs down.  More (HTML...)

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Drip System Improves Survival Rate of Northern Utah Fruit and Nut Trees


An NRCS-installed drip irrigation system has improved survival of fruit and nut trees planted on Carol Petersen's tree farm in Thatcher. The 35-acre farm on east-facing rocky foothills in the most northern county in Utah offers some unique challenges to growing fruit and nuts.  More (HTML...)

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