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The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for for On-Farm Energy Audit/Implementation


The On-Farm Energy Audit/Implementation Initiative is a nationwide special initiative for producers who are interested in identifying and implementing energy conservation measures on their farms or ranches. The initiative is funded under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), a voluntary program that provides assistance to producers who want to plan and install measures to protect the soil, water, air and other natural resources on working agricultural land.

The EQIP Energy Initiative is implemented in two steps:

  1. Producers apply for funding to hire a professional energy auditor to perform an energy audit on their headquarters operations or on their landscape-based farm or ranch operations, or both. Auditors who participate in this initiative must be registered as certified Technical Service Providers in the USDA’s TechReg system ( Producers who have previously obtained a professional energy audit that meets NRCS planning standards are not required to have an audit performed again.
  2. After an on-farm audit has been completed, the producer can apply for funding to offset some of the cost of implementing the recommended energy-saving measures. Producers may not receive EQIP payments for conservation work they have already undertaken. Not all of the recommended energy efficiency practices may be eligible for funding through NRCS. Interested producers should work with their local NRCS planner to set priorities among potential practices. For a complete list of potential practices, see the below Utah Eligible Practice List - Energy. Example conservation practices include but are not limited to:
    • No-till /Strip Till/Direct Seed Residue and Tillage Management
    • Combustion System Improvement
    • On-Farm Equipment Efficiency Improvements
    • Cover Crop
    • Nutrient Management
    • Integrated Pest Management
    • Conservation Power Plant

EQIP Energy Payment Schedules -

Salinity & Initiatives (XLS, 173 KB)
Salinity & Initiatives HU (XLS, 173 KB)

Application Information

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must meet the general eligibility requirements for EQIP, posted online at: EQIP Eligibility. Eligible land includes privately owned cropland, rangeland, pasture, and other working farm or ranch lands.

Screening and Ranking (PDF, 570KB)

Application Timeframe

EQIP applications (including Energy Initiative applications) can be submitted to local NRCS offices at any time during the year.



For more information contact your local USDA - NRCS Service Center to schedule a meeting to discuss available options. You may also contact the NRCS Utah State Office:

  • Gary McRae, Resources, (801) 524-4599
  • Jason Roper, Environmental Engineer, (801) 524-4571
  • Pedro Ramos, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, (801) 524-4552