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Texas has a very diverse range of forests and woodlands. These forests and woodlands provide numerous benefits such as jobs, wood products, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, windbreaks, shelterbelts and less observed benefits like oxygen, storing carbon, protecting the soil and helping improve water quality. The Texas NRCS staff assist private landowners on a voluntary basis to improve their forests or woodlands. NRCS employees working with the Texas Forest Service or other agency personnel and/or Technical Service Providers strive to help landowners meet their goals and objectives for their forested lands. This is accomplished by developing a management plan and implementing conservation practices that meet the landowner's needs while improving the health and sustainability of their forested lands. A healthy sustainable forest benefits everyone.

Forestry: Policy, Procedures, Tools and Aids

Forestry Practices and Codes

311 - Alley Cropping
314 - Brush Management
315 - Herbaceous Weed Control
338 - Prescribed Burning
380 - Windbreak Establishment
381 - Silvopasture Establishment
383 - Fuelbreak
384 - Forest Slash Treatment
391 - Riparian Forest Buffer
394 - Firebreak
472 - Access Control
490 - Tree/Shrub Site Preparation
612 - Tree/Shrub Establishment
650 - Windbreak Renovation
654 - Road/Trail Closure
655 - Forest Trails and Landings
660 - Tree/Shrub Pruning
666 - Forest Stand Improvement

Wildlife Practices related to forested areas

395 - Stream Habitat and Improvement Management
562 - Recreation Area Improvement
595 - Integrated Pest Management
644 - Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management
645 - Upland Wildlife and Habitat Management
647 - Early Successional Habitat Development/Management
648 - Wildlife Watering Facility

Forestry Partners and Forestry Links

Forestry Webinar Portal
National Agroforestry Center
Texas Forest Service
Texas Forestry Association
Texas Nature Conservancy
Texas Parks and Wildlife
TX Longleaf Pine Taskforce
The Longleaf Alliance
Society of American Foresters
USFS - United States Forest Service

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Texas Tree List

Zone 1 - Texas tree list (PDF; 153 Kb)
Zone 2 - Texas tree list (PDF; 181 Kb)
Zone 3 - Texas tree list (PDF; 181 Kb)
Zone 4 - Texas tree list (PDF; 181 Kb)
Zone 5 - Texas tree list (PDF; 170 Kb)
Shrubs - Texas tree list (PDF; 137 Kb)
Thornscrub (PDF; 212 Kb)