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Nutrient Management

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP's) are conservation plans that are unique to animal feeding operations. These plans document the practices and management activities adopted by the land owner or operator to address the natural resource concerns related to soil erosion, water quality, utilization of manure and waste water, and disposal of organic by-products.

The development of a CNMP begins with a comprehensive resource inventory of the current site conditions. Management options and structural alternatives are developed to address the resource concerns identified during the planning process.

National Criteria: The NRCS National Planning Procedures Handbook (NPPH), Part 600.5, and Part 600.6-Exhibit 15, define the minimum criteria for developing a CNMP.
Texas CNMP Development Criteria: Individuals who approve and/or develop CNMP's must be certified through the Texas NRCS, according to TX GM 180 Part 409, or through the TechReg Website.

Resources for Developing a CNMP

The following documents require Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel.

Texas Resources
Link Description
CNMP Template (DOC; 577 KB)

A recommended format for plan development and organization of the information that the CNMP should contain. This template describes the type of information to include in the CNMP, and can be modified as necessary to address specific situations.

590-633 Planning Spreadsheet (XLS; 6 MB)

This Excel spreadsheet is a planning tool that can be used to assist in developing the nutrient management/waste utilization plan. The procedures for using this tool are located in the spreadsheet under "instructions".

TX GM 180 Part 409

Texas conservation planning policy, including specific requirements for CNMP development.

TX GM 190 Part 402

Texas NRCS nutrient management policy. This policy must be adhered to in the development of the land application of nutrients in the CNMP.

Texas eFOTG

Electronic Field Office Technical Guide for Texas is available on the website. This contains all of the Texas NRCS Conservation Practice Standards in Section IV.

TSSWCB CNMP Technical Criteria & Program Guidance for Dairies in the North Bosque Watershed (PDF; 228 KB)

This document contains criteria and guidance for the development of a CNMP based on watershed specific criteria for the North Bosque Watershed.


National NRCS Resources
Link Description
NPPH, Part 600.5 (PDF; 99 KB)

National policy and procedures for development of a CNMP.
Part 600.5, and Part 600.6-Exhibit 15

Animal Feeding Operations Webpage

Provides overview of NRCS objectives for animal feeding operations, background on NRCS and EPA collaborative efforts, Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship resource links, and other resources.

National Nutrient & Pest Management Webpage

Provides resources for nutrient management and pest management

Other Resources
Link Description
TAMMI Website

Texas Animal Manure Management Issues (TAMMI) Website is an electronic informational clearinghouse, developed and designed with a mission to provide agricultural waste management education and information on demand. The website is continuously updated with research based, unbiased information and educational materials including new publications, federal and state rules and policies affecting livestock and poultry operations, and research on animal waste management and related air and water quality issues.

Texas Nutrient Management Website

This site provides information and training resources to become a certified nutrient management specialist in Texas.

CNMP Watch Website  
Nebraska CNMP Website

Contains useful information and overviews of CNMP materials and training on the new ASABE Manure Production Standard.


Feed Management

DRAFT Feed Management Practice Standard, Code 592. (TX 2006) This is a draft standard that NRCS is considering adopting to the TX Field Office Technical Guide. Please submit comments to Lori Ziehr, 254-742-9885.

Contact  Information

Fred Schrank, State Conservation Agronomist
Phone:  254.742.9856

Catherine Nash, Environmental Engineer
Phone: 254-742-9915