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The policy of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is that economics is an essential consideration in all agency decision making. Economic principles must be applied in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of agency policies and program activities to provide the most cost-effective assistance to customers, cooperators, and partners for the sustained use of natural resources.

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Land Conservation Easements

Texas lands put into conservation with the help of Texas land trusts are providing more than $1 billion in benefits to Texas taxpayers each year. Of this amount, 47 percent is linked to flood prevention and damage reduction, 16 percent can be attributed to supporting rural economies, and 37 percent results from benefits for water quality and quantity. If we extend those savings out across the next 30 years, we’re looking at over $30 billion worth of benefits at today’s rates.

Texas Land Trust Report: Valuing the Economic Benefit of Texas Conservation Lands (pdf, 13.1 MB)

Texas NRCS Economist:  Ryan McCloud

Phone: (254) 742-9877

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