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Watershed Surveys and Planning

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Watershed project and natural resource activities by the Water Resources staff will follow newly established program priorities, as restricted by annual funding. Opportunities will be sought to provide project planning assistance to minorities and low-income producers in carrying out these priorities. Where projects prove to be ineligible or not feasible for PL-566 financial assistance, alternative sources of funding will be sought for project implementation.

Based on upstream flood loss data for Texas there is a real need to continue PL-566 projects for flood control and water quality.

The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) has been designated by the Governor as the state agency to receive and consider applications for assistance. Normally, a request for assistance is received by the TSSWCB or NRCS. A representative of the TSSWCB will be invited to participate in field reviews conducted during the pre-application phase by NRCS. Preliminary analysis is made to prepare a feasibility study. Based on the study, a decision is made to terminate assistance or develop a Natural Resource Plan or a PL-566 plan.

If the project appears to be feasible, an application for federal assistance is made through the TSSWCB. The TSSWCB sets a priority on the project. Based on this priority and NRCS current workload and funding, the project is placed on the Water Resources Staff schedule of work.

For more information - Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program


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