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The Earth Team is NRCS’ volunteer workforce that is making a difference in every county in the nation. NRCS works with private landowners to improve soil quality, conserve water, improve air quality and enhance wildlife habitat. Earth Team volunteers work side-by-side with conservation professionals and are an integral part of the conservation partnership.

Earth Team volunteers help NRCS meet conservation needs in communities and stretch available resources. Earth Team is the agency’s volunteer workforce, and in Texas, 701 Earth Team volunteers and Friends of Conservation contributed 3,415 hours helping NRCS and our partners with critical conservation work. The Texas NRCS Earth Team Volunteers efforts was valued at $97,464.

*Independent Sector Value of Volunteer Time is $28.54/hour.

What on Earth Can You Do?

Earth Team volunteers work side by side with professionals from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, helping protect and conserve the earth's natural resources. By volunteering, you will help your community, your country, and our earth. Earth team members also meet new people, learn new skills, and help accomplish conservation work throughout the state. It's fun and easy.


Success Stories

  • Conservation Education
  • Natural Resource Inventories
  • Water Monitoring
  • Computer Assistance
  • Surveying
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Administrative
  • Soil Science

Who can Volunteer?

Earth Team offers many opportunities for people who are interested in volunteering to improve the nation’s natural resources. People who are 14-years-old and older can volunteer. Volunteers can work part-time or full-time, work outdoors or inside a local NRCS office, individually or as a group.


It shall be the mission of the Earth Team to provide an effective volunteer workforce within the Natural Resources Conservation Service to help people conserve, improve, and sustain the Earth's resources and its environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earth Team Forms

Individual volunteers completes the Interests and Placement Summary and Individual Form, while a Group submits the Group form(s), email the electronic copies or mail printed copies to Melissa Blair, State Earth Team Program Coordinator.

  Contact an Earth Team Program Manager    
Name Title Phone Number            Location
Jackson, Porche State Earth Team Program Coordinator (254) 742-9944 Temple, TX
Fannin, Terra Zone 1 Earth Team Program Manager (806) 240-4143 Lubbock, TX
Minear, Jason Zone 2 Earth Team Program Manager (325) 944-0147 San Angelo, TX
Martinez, Roxann Zone 3 Earth Team Program Manager (361) 241-0609 Corpus Christi, TX
Swearingen, Adele Zone 4 Earth Team Program Manager (979) 213-4968 Bryan, TX
Callahan, John Zone 5 Earth Team Program Manager (817) 458-3861 Weatherford, TX
Cannon, Yolonda State Office Earth Team Program Manager (254) 742-9813 Temple, TX

Visit the National NRCS Earth Team Volunteers web page for more information on the Earth Team Volunteer program.