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Cooperative Conservation: Helping People Help the Land

Partnerships expand the reach and depth of conservation on the land.

Individually the federal, state, and nonprofit groups that comprise our conservation partnerships have a diversity of expertise in discipline, location/area, and focus. As partners in conservation, these groups share their unique areas of expertise and conservation work to put more conservation on the land.

Types of Partners

Conservation districts
Local communities
State and federal agencies
NRCS Earth Team volunteers
Agricultural and environmental groups
Conservation Districts Employees

Professional societies
Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Councils
Conservation organizations
Sportsman Groups

Our Customers

  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Other land decision makers
  • Other Federal agencies
  • Local and State governments
  • International governments
  • Resource Conservation and Development councils
  • Rural and urban communities
  • Water management groups
  • Other individuals, groups, and associations<
  • And ultimately, every water user and food consumer in the Nation