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Landscape Planning

Program Information

Emergency Conservation Program (ECP)

The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) provides emergency funding and technical assistance for farmers to rehabilitate farmland damaged by natural disasters. For land to be eligible, it must have a conservation problem created by an event. Program participants receive cost-share assistance up to 75% of the cost to implement approved emergency conservation practices. Practices included: EC1—Removing Debris from Farmland; EC2—Grading, Shaping, Re-leveling, or Similar measures; EC3—Restoring Permanent Fences; and EC4—Restoring Conservation Structures and Other.

ECP Information

ECP Qualifying Practices by County (PDF; 93 KB)
Farm Service Agency ECP Website (Scroll down to ECP Program)

Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP)

The Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) was established to respond to emergencies created by natural disasters. EWP helps protect lives and property by providing cost share and technical assistance. The program provides funding (up to 75%) to project sponsors for such work as clearing debris from clogged waterways, restoring vegetation, and stabilizing river banks. Each EWP project, excluding flood plain easements, requires a sponsor who applies for the assistance. A sponsor can be any legal subdivision of State or local government. The sponsors determine priorities for emergency assistance while coordinating work with other Federal and local agencies. Application must be received 60 days after event.

EWP Information

Tennessee NRCS EWP Floodplain Easements
National NRCS EWP

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) protects environmentally sensitive areas, improves water quality, and provides wildlife habitat. The program covers up to 90% of the cost to install the available practices on qualifying land. It also provides compensation in the form of an annual rental payment for any land removed from production. CRP is scheduled to be available indefinitely and offers are automatically accepted if all eligibility requirements are met.

CRP Information

Tennessee NRCS CRP
National FSA CRP

CRP Fact Sheets

Grassed Waterways (PDF; 295 KB)
Permanent Vegetative Cover (Contour Grass Strips) 15A (PDF; 78 KB)
Permanent Vegetative Cover on Terraces 15B (PDF; 374 KB)
Filter Strips (PDF; 80 KB)
Riparian Buffers (PDF; 78 KB)
Timber Establishment on Wetlands (PDF; 230 KB)

Technical Resources

Guide Sheet HEL Compliance – Flood Reclamation (PDF; 48 KB)
Soil Quality Reclamation for Flood Damaged Fields (PDF; 158 KB)
Flood Recovery Programs for Livestock Producers (PDF; 900 KB)

Locate a USDA Service Center

Additional Resources

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation Flood Website
University of Tennessee Flood Recovery Website
FEMA Website