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State Office

Tennessee NRCS State Office
675 U.S. Courthouse
801 Broadway
Nashville, TN  37203

State Conservationist's Office ♦ Office of Public Affairs ♦ Programs Staff ♦ Ecological Sciences Staff ♦ Engineering Staff ♦ Soil Survey Staff ♦ Management and Strategy Staff ♦ National Service Delivery Branch Staff ♦ USDA 1890 Liaison

To send an email, click on the person's name. You can also search for a specific employee in the online USDA Employee Directory.

State Conservationist's Office                                       Fax: 855-540-3502

Name Position Phone
Hightower, Sheldon L. State Conservationist (STC) 615-277-2530
Fisher, Alan Executive Assistant to the STC 615-277-2592

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Office of Public Affairs                                                   Fax: 855-540-3502

Name Position Phone
Burse, Katherine K.  State Public Affairs Officer 615-277-2533, Cell: 615-686-8313
Vacant Visual Information Specialist  

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Programs Staff                                                               Fax:  855-540-3502

Name Position Phone
Carpenter, Jamie Assistant State Conservationist - Programs 615-277-2576, Cell: 615-587-9555
Knapp, Teri Secretary 615-277-2564
Barbour, Frank Program Support Specialist 615-277-2535
German, Kelly Resource Conservationist - EQIP 615-277-2544
Persinger, Allen Resource Conservationist - Easements 615-277-2593
Vacant Resource Conservationist - RCPP 615-277-2597
Tillman, Leon Resource Conservationist - CSP/Business Tools 615-277-2595
Moyers, Chris Resource Conservationist - Easements (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4811
Brasher, Derrick Engineer (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4827
Parnell, Rob Soil Conservation Technician (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4825
Hoback, Brittany Biologist - The Nature Conservancy (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4822
Pieper, Jacob Easement Monitoring Specialist (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4816
Woodson, Jennifer Program Support Specialist (located in Jackson Area Office) 731-410-4810
Gibson, Pat ACES Employee (Retiree) 615-648-8708
Floyd, Faye ACES Employee (Retiree) 731-668-7387

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Ecological Sciences Staff                                            Fax:  855-591-1284

Name Position Phone
Walker, Matt State Resource Conservationist 615-277-2587, Cell: 615-418-3915
Senecal, Suzanne Secretary 615-277-2553
Vacant Grazing Land Specialist 615-277-2569
McAfee, Jason Resource Conservationist 615-277-2589
Jones, Danny Soil Conservationist 615-277-2591
Beasley, Michelle Agriculture Economist 615-277-2558
Mayberry, Robin State Biologist 615-277-2571
Vacant State Soil Health Specialist 615-277-2544
Adkins, Jenny Water Quality Specialist (located in Cookeville) 931-528-6472, ext. 113
Turman, Pat State Agronomist (located in Murfreesboro) 615-893-9295, ext. 119
Mimms, Bobby GIS Specialist 615-277-2539

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Engineering Staff                                                           Fax:  855-591-1284

Name Position Phone
Anderson, Robert State Conservation Engineer 615-277-2559, Cell: 615-969-9641
Washington, Sierra Secretary 615-277-2568
Miller, Alton Civil Engineer/EWP Manager 615-277-2561
Horne, Terry Environmental Engineeer 615-277-2560
Smith, Ralph Hydraulic Engineer 615-277-2562
Gupton, Kelly Agricultural Engineer 615-277-2581
Bryan, Richard Civil Engineering Technician 615-277-2565
Vacant Agricultural Engineer 615-277-2563
Vacant Geologist 615-277-2586

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Soil Science Staff                                                            Fax:  855-540-3502

Name Position Phone
McMillen, David State Soil Scientist 615-277-2550, Cell: 615-390-1507
Vacant State GIS Specialist (located in Lewisburg) 931-359-6268 Ext. 102
Pittman, Lori GIS Specialist (located in Murfreesboro) 615-893-9295 Ext. 113

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Management and Strategy Staff                                   Fax: 855-591-1285

Name Position Phone
Lutz, Grace Assistant State Conservationist - Management & Strategy 615-277-2534, Cell: 615-948-6415
Vacant Financial Resources Specialist 615-277-2582
Reames, Linda Business Services Specialist 615-277-2545
Romeo, Courtney Management and Program Analyst 615-277-2548
Huntington, Mary Administrative Program Specialist 615-277-2574
Lucas, Brooke Local and Programmatic Support Services Contractor 615-277-2551
Williams, Princess Local and Programmatic Support Services Contractor 615-277-2541

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National Service Delivery Branch Staff

Name Position Phone
Mitchell, Cheryl Staffing Branch 615-277-2542
Harris, Nancy Contracting Branch 615-277-2543
Villa, Beatriz Budget Branch 615-277-2547

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USDA/1890 Institution Agricultural Liaison Officer

Name Position Phone Location
Eston Williams USDA/1890 Agricultural Liaison Officer (Tennessee State University) 615-963-5139 
Cell:  202-596-0226
Tennessee State University
USDA/1890 Liaison Office
3500 John Merritt Boulevard
P. O. Box 9629
Nashville, TN  37209-1561

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