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Soil Information

Similar/Dissimilar Guide for Mapunit Components

MLRA Region 10: Similar/Dissimilar Guide for Mapunit Components. Contact Michael Whited for additional information.

This document requires Microsoft Word.

Region 10 Similar/Dissimilar Guide (DOC; 55 KB)

Additional MLRA Region 10 References

Substrata Material Classification Decision Tree (JPG; 135 KB)

National Links

Official Soil Series Descriptions (OSDs)

Contact Michael Whited for additional assistance.

These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Development and Revision (PDF; 18 KB)
Procedure to Obtain OSDs (PDF; 17 KB)
Guideline for Completing and Updating OSDs (PDF; 260 KB)

National Soil Survey Handbook  guidelines include the following:

Official Soil Series Descriptions: