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Grades 7 thru 12

Graphic showing the composition of soil.Soils 101
Information from Web Soil Survey’s “Introduction to Soils.”

Lesson Plans
Art using soils, soil profile cards, and other projects with soils.

From the Surface Down (PDF; 4.0 MB) - provides a basic understanding of soil surveys.

Urban Soil Issues
Soil concerns in urban environments.

Soil Biology Primer

Soil Quality

Soil Quality for Educators

Soil Quotations

Soil Risks & Hazards
An introduction to soil conditions that can be risks or hazards for many land uses.

External Links

Field Museum - Underground Adventure
This site contains virtual movies of the exhibit “Underground Adventure” at The Field Museum, science experiments you can do at home or school, and even a virtual terrarium.

Dr. Dirt
Links to teaching resources and activities to encourage interest in science, soil, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources.

National Association of Conservation Districts
A link to conservation education items available for purchase. Also includes information on ordering the Education Catalog.

Soil Science Society of America
A resource for K-12 soil science teachers.