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Soil Education

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Soil and Plant Science Division Exhibits — Modular portable exhibits are available for use by NRCS employees.

Soil Colors — maps that show soil color at various depths for individual States and the Continental United States
Download Soil Colors posters for each State and the Continental United States
Order the poster “Soil Colors of the Continental United States”

State Soils — Find out about your state soil.Soil profile showing horizons.
   • State Soil Booklets (Soil Science Society of America)

Videos and Webinars

Soil Facts — Definitions of soil and soil survey, information on careers, some basics on soil formation and classification, and a soil science glossary.

Countdown to World Soil Day — Informational posts leading up to December 5th (World Soil Day).

Key Messages — Ten key messages to understanding soils in Acrobat (PDF; 4.6 MB) or Powerpoint (PPT; 17.5 MB).

Soil Texture Calculator

The Twelve Orders of Soil Taxonomy poster.

Painting with Soil — Jan Lang’s images of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Soils Planners — Links to planners from 1999 to present.

Other Links

Soil Health Awareness

NRCS Photo Gallery
Natural resource and conservation related photos from across the United States.

National Science Teachers Association
Soil Education Resources

Science of Agriculture
Short animations, interactives and videos teach math & science concepts crucial to the study of agriculture

Integration and Application Network
Free high resolution images and vector symbols for natural resources.

Dig It! The Secrets of Soils
From the Smithsonian National Museum.

Soil Science Society of America
   • K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources