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Range & Pasture

Our Amazing Grasslands

This site highlights videos of graziers in South Dakota using good soil health practices.


South Dakota Drought Resources

Current drought map of South Dakota as of September 1, 2021. Projected status for peak performance for June 15, 2021

Current Drought Status Map

Projected July 1st Peak Production


Drought Tool Instructions SD Drought Tool

Drought Tool Instructions

SD Drought Tool


South Dakota Range Planning Tools

Monitoring Tool (Tech Note 8) Cows in field grazing with text overlay of South Dakota Grazing Tool 4.3

Monitoring Tool (Tech Note 8)


SD Grazing Tool Version 4.


South Dakota Prescribed Burning

(Click on the icons below for the Excel versions of the following documents)

Burn Plan Example Burn Plan Template

Prescribed Burn Plan Example

Prescribed Burn Plan Example (PDF; 478 KB)

Prescribed Burn Plan Template

Prescribed Burn Plan Template (PDF; 419 KB)


Basic Prescribed Burning

Basic Prescribed Burning Training Presentation



South Dakota Grazing Land Animal Resources

Other Livestock Resources:



Cover of the 2021 Grassland Planner with a small boy leading a horse out of a barn.

2021 Grassland Planner (PDF; 62.1 MB)

Hard copies are available by contacting or calling the state office at (605) 352-1200