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Manure Management

Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage

This element is to plan handling, collection, storage and treatment measures to prevent water pollution.  This planning would include design and construction of clean water diversions, pond and lagoon storage liners, storage structures, manure and organic by-product treatment facilities, and methods to manage animal mortality.
Beef Open Feedlot

Conservation Practice Standards

How to Access the CPS on the FOTG Web site:

  1. Go to NRCS-South Dakota's FOTG Web site
  2. Select the SD county where the project is located
  3. On the Main Menu on the left side of the opening screen, select Section IV of the FOTG, then select Sub-section A  Conservation Practices
  4. Select (highlight) a CPS
  5. Below the name of the highlighted CPS will be a selection which repeats the selected CPS name along with the words "Standard".
  6. Select the desired document for the selected CPS.

Fact Sheets

Technical Notes

Design Spreadsheets

Please see Engineering Tools to view the following design spreadsheets:

  • Vegetated Treatment Systems
  • Waste Storage Facilities
  • Bedded Pack Barns

Other References:

Technical Service Provider (TSP) References

TSP Information Page