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General Resources

NRCS Crop Yield Tables (PDF; 2.45 MB)

Tillage Equipment Pocket Identification Guide (PDF; 7.06 MB)

CORE 4 Conservation:  provides common sense approaches to natural resource conservation topics.


Estimating Random Roughness in the Field - a collection of photographs taken from USDA Agriculture Handbook 703 "Predicting Soil Erosion by Water:  A Guide to Conservation Planning with the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE).

Wind and Water Erosion Pictures, 1935-1975 - a collection of photographs taken by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service staff across the USA between 1935 and 1975

Management Practices and Techniques

    Precision Agriculture

        National Agronomy Technical Note No. 3 (PDF; 558 KB)

    Cover Crop

        Informational Site on Cover Crops

Nutrient Management


Integrated Pest Management




For more information, please contact Tim Nordquist, Agronomist, at (605) 384-2889