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Publications & Fact Sheets

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

Conservation Programs of the Farm Bill Administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

National publications can be found on the national program pages and/or on the USDA NRCS South Dakota program pages. The following are state-specific publications. Quantities and hard copies are available by contacting or calling the state office at (605) 352-1200.

Conservation Practices

Detailed information and specifications for conservation practices can be found in the Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG). The following are state-specific publications that address technical topics and support the practices in the eFOTG.


Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat​

Soil Health

Soil Health Producer Profiles (Video Stories, Print Profiles)​

Other Documents of Interest


2022 South Dakota Grassland Planner Print (PDF; 30.9 MB) Small version (PDF; 3,095 KB)
2021 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 62MB)
2020 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 10MB) (High Resolution File PDF;63MB)
2019 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 6,672 KB)
2018 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 3 MB)
2017 South Dakota Grassland Planner (1.8 MB)
2016 South Dakota Grassland Planner (small PDF 5 MB)  or (high resolution PDF 39 MB)
2015 Grassland Planner (PDF; 4.5 MB)
2014 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 4,914 KB)
2013 South Dakota Grassland Planner (PDF; 9,305 KB)

Living Landscapes in South Dakota - A Guide to Native Plantscaping (PDF; 13.2 MB) - This 42-page booklet is designed as a guide to help homeowners, living on acreages, rural or urban settings, in planting native plants and landscaping.  It is full of handy information such as planning, design, and site preparation; choosing the right grasses, shrubs, trees, and wildflowers; water conservation; plant maintenance and protection; planning and planting for wildlife; rain gardens; energy conservation; weed control; culturally significant native plants; and fire wise landscaping.

Outreach and Education

Suitable for elementary education

Rural Living:  What You Need to Know as a South Dakota Landowner (PDF; 691 KB) - This publication is intended to create an awareness of environmental concerns associated with living on a rural housing development or a small acreage and guide the reader to sources of additional information and assistance.  It introduces non-agricultural people to natural resources and how to keep the watershed healthy.  "Rural Living:  What You Need to Know as a South Dakota Landowner" was produced by a cooperative effort of public and private entities to educate people for better management of soil, water, air, plants, and animals in an ecosystem.


Additional Resources or recommended web sites:

NRCS Distribution Center - The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides a variety of free publications about conserving our natural resources.

Buffers, Common-Sense Conservation - Conservation buffers help landowners maintain productive, profitable, and environmentally responsible farming and ranching operations.  Conservation buffers protect soil, improve air and water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and help create a more diverse, scenic landscape.


The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is committed to making its information accessible to all of its customers and employees. If you are experiencing accessibility issues and need assistance, please call the South Dakota NRCS office at 605-352-1200. For assistance with publications that include maps, graphs, or similar forms of information, you may also wish to contact your state or local office.