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State Office

NRCS South Dakota State Office

200 Fourth Street SW, Room 203
Huron, SD  57350
Phone: 605-352-1200

State Office Employee Directory

Search for a specific employee in the online USDA Employee Directory or a specific South Dakota NRCS employee (PDF; 636 KB).  Resource Unit Map (RUC)(PDF; 5,704 KB) and Resource Unit Map (RUC) with a list of Resource Unit Conservationists (PDF; 688 KB)






General Administration

Name Position Phone Email
Tony Sunseri State Conservationist 605-352-1201
Kathy J. Irving Secretary 605-352-1205
Denise Gauer Assistant State Conservationist for Management Strategy 605-352-1243
Eric McIntosh Financial Resource Specialist 605-352-1210
Catheleen Siebrasse Business Services Specialist 605-352-1207
Steven Maras Administrative Support Specialist 605-352-1229
Vacant Management Analyst 605-352-1220  
Christine Duxbury Management Analyst 605-352-1215
Jennifer Hoellein Management Support Assistant 605-352-1204
Sara Held Administrative Support Assistant 605-352-1256



Program Services

Name Position Phone Email
Jeffrey Vander Wilt Assistant State Conservationist for Programs 605-352-1226
Jennifer Wurtz EQIP Coordinator 605-352-1225
Brandon Kottke Easement Coordinator 605-352-1203
Joyce Trevithick CSP Coordinator 605-352-1223
Kevin Luebke Restoration Specialist 605-352-1242
Corrie Holt Program Anayst 605-352-1219
Sara Geyer Program Assistant 605-352-1250
Peggy L. Baier Program Assistant 605-352-1214


Ecological Sciences    
Name Position Phone Email
Jessica Michalski State Resource Conservationist 605-352-1234
Ryan Kruse Business Tools Coordinator 605-352-1206
Marcia Deneke State Agronomist 605-352-1254
Emily Helms State Rangeland Management Specialist 605-352-1241
Brandon Walter State Biologist 605-352-1238
Paige Olson Archeologist 605-220-4956
Michael A. Knigge Cartographic Technician 605-352-1259
Jordan Hopper Cartographic Technician 605-352-1258


Name Position Phone Email
Brett Pettigrew (acting) State Conservation Engineer 605-352-1260
Vacant Civil Engineer 605-352-1222


Vacant Hydraulic Engineer 605-352-1209  



Name Position Phone Email
Nathan Jones State Soil Scientist

Kent Vlieger State Soil Health Specialist 605-352-1239
Carrie Werkmeister Assistant State Soil Scientist 605-530-0137

Kevin R. Wegenke GIS Specialist 605-352-1257
Tanse Herrmann Rangeland Soil Health Specialist 605-515-9791



Name Position Phone Email
Deke Hobbick Assistant State Conservationist for Compliance 605-352-1287
Ryan Ransom Wetland Specialist



Name Position Phone Email
Michael Beck Public Affairs Officer 605-352-1233
Rachel Giles Public Affairs Specialist 605-352-1215

Andrew Thomason Public Affairs Specialist 605-352-1281



Name Position Phone Email
Colette Kessler Assistant State Conservationist for Partnerships

Darrel DuVall State Outreach Coordinator 605-530-5045