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Vegetable fields in the Lower Rio Loco Valley.Cropland includes areas used to produce crops for harvest. Two subcategories of cropland are: cultivated and non-cultivated cropland. Cultivated cropland comprises land in row crops or close-grown crops and also other cultivated cropland, for example, hay land or pastureland that is in a rotation with row or close-grown crops. Non-cultivated cropland includes permanent hay land and horticultural cropland.

According to the 2010 National Resources Inventory there are 254,900 acres of cropland in the Caribbean Area (~12% of the total non-federal land area).

Major natural resource concerns facing cropland include: (1) erosion by wind and water, (2) maintaining and enhancing soil quality, (3) water quality from nutrient and pesticides runoff and leaching, and (4) managing the quantity of water available for irrigation.

For more information and tools to manage cropland, please visit the National Cropland page.