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 side slopes in a dike project  gabions protecting the side of a stream  a channel restoration  riprap protecting an outlet

The Caribbean Area NRCS provides conservation engineering services to clients in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Resource List

  • National Design, Construction & Soil Mechanics Center: stream corridors, landscape architecture, geology, technical workshops
  • National Conservation Practice Standards
  • National eDirectives System: provides detailed Engineering Tools & Documents under various Directives including Handbooks: National Engineering Handbook, National Agricultural Land Evaluation & Site Assessment Handbook (under Land Use), National Water Quality Handbook and National Handbook of Conservation Practices (under Technology); Manuals: National Engineering Manual, Emergency Watershed Protection Manual and Watershed Program Manual (under Project Development & Maintenance); and Engineering Technical Notes, Technical Releases, and User Guides (includes tools and computer models /  software)
  • Animal Waste Management: software, handbooks, rules & training
  • RUSLE Software & Information: Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) computer model used to estimate erosion
  • Water Quality Tools & Models: including TR-55, used to estimate storm water runoff, and AGNPS, used to estimate agricultural nonpoint source pollution


Damaris Medina, State Conservation Engineer, 787-766-5206 x. 125.