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Pest Management

grasshopperPest Management in NRCS is primarily focused on helping producers mitigate the environmental risks of pest control activities, including pesticide risks to soil, water air, plants, animals, and humans.

Additionally, many Caribbean Area residents seek information from USDA on which agricultural items (produce, plants) they can bring to the U.S. and which they have to leave behind. The USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) launched a new Traveler Information webpage in September 2018 to let our Caribbean Area clients know what food, plants, seeds and wood products they can bring to the U.S.

For more information on NRCS pest management policy, tools and training, please visit the National Pest Management page.


  • Mario Rodríguez, State Resource Conservationist, 787-766-5065 or 787-980-6516