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National Resources Inventory

Aerial photo of Jobos Bay, PR, during Rapid Watershed AssessmentThe 2017 National Resources Inventory (NRI) provides a summary on the status, condition and trends of land, soil, water, and related resources on the nation’s private lands from 1982 to 2017. The NRI report includes data from 800,000 sample locations across the country. The NRI provides a record of the Nation's conservation accomplishments and future program needs.

The primary objective of the NRI is to provide natural resource managers, policy makers, and the public with scientifically valid, timely, and relevant information on natural resources and the environment of the Caribbean Area. This information can provide the scientific basis for effective public policies, sound agricultural and natural resource legislation, sensible local and national conservation programs, and targeted USDA financial and technical assistance in addressing natural resource concerns. NRI data are designed to be part of the core components of the agency's strategic planning and accountability efforts, and to help assess consequences of existing legislative mandates, such as the Farm Bill.

Some of highlights in the Caribbean Area include:

  • Cropland and pastureland acreage continued to decline from 2012 to 2017;
  • Cultivated cropland sheet and rill erosion rates increased from 2012 to 2017 (from 19.96 tons/acre to 29.95 tons/acre), most likely due to extreme storm events.

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Manuel Matos, State Soil Scientist, 787-766-5064 or 787-405-7600 (cell)