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Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach Summary: Fiscal Year 2020

In Fiscal Year 2020, we provided Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) to over 3,500 clients and partners, and media outreach to over 1 million residents through over 790 separate activities and contacts. Over 96% of the financial assistance distributed was provided to beginning, limited-resource and/or socially-disadvantaged farmers, and 12% of our FY 2020 Farm Bill participants were women, 3% were black, and 92% were Hispanic.

NRCS Caribbean Area provided signification technical assistance and outreach to clients and partners this year even during hardships from earthquakes, tropical storms and COVID-19 shutdowns through training workshops, onsite investigations and evaluations, conservation plans, technical consultations, advisory committees, newspaper and newsletter articles, radio appearances, conference presentations, public meetings, informational mailings and email blasts, outreach publications (factsheets, brochures, reports), posters and exhibits, the NRCS Caribbean Area website, Twitter, and personal contacts. A breakdown of our activities includes:

  • 604 Personal Contacts
  • 67 Site visits
  • 6 Trainings & Workshops for over 250 people
  • 43 Public/Informational Meetings for over 615 people
  • 42 Newsletters, Brochures, Factsheets & Reports
  • 26 Newspaper, Bulletin & Journal Articles & Blogs
  • 12 Conference & Fair Exhibits & Presentations for over 940 people
  • 2 Job / Career Fair Presentations reaching over 40 people
  • 52 Public Notice Mailings & e-Blasts to over 3,425 recipients
  • 507 Social Media Notices & Announcements reaching over 24,200 clients and partners
  • 107 Newspaper and 580 radio ads for EQIP 2021 sign-up reaching an estimated audience of over 1 million people.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in the Caribbean Area is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are accessible to all our customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching beginning, underserved and socially-disadvantaged farmers and landowners. We develop our policies and programs to allow full participation by underserved individuals and groups. We also identify and address potential barriers that could prevent our underserved customers from full participation in our programs.

Natural Resources Specialist Jayson Más presents practice information at Ciales and Añasco coffee workshops on June 3 (bottom) and 15 (top) respectively.

Recent Outreach Activities in the Caribbean Area

 Resource Conservationist Ismael Matos speaks about organic transition to Toa Alta farmers; Corozal Soil Con Christian Vargas describes soil health practices in Toa Alta; Luquillo  attendees participate in hands-on demonstrations; Plants Specialist Edwin Más shows use of handmade tools to set contour

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Left to right: Engineer Rolando Collazo provides information on NRCS to Engineering student; José Victor Jiménez, Frank Velázquez and Lester Cotto interact with UPRM Job Fair attendees; Silmarie Padrón (right) provides information on the Pathways program to UPRM student.

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