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Water Quality

Animal Waste Management & Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

National Water and Climate Center Pest Management

Nutrient ManagementNRCS employee going over animal waste management with farm owner.

Pest Management

Pest Management Information for NRCS Employees

  • CHEMTREC 24-hour HAZMAT Communication Center
  • NRCS Pest Managment Links
  • NRCS Pest Management Policy
  • NRCS PIA Pest Management Policy (PDF; 210 KB)
  • Pest Management Specialist Certification Worksheet (DOC; 43 KB)
  • Streams

    Water QualityNRCS employee assessing stream quality.

  • 2006 Hawaii Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report
  • Chapter 11-54 Hawaii Water Quality Standards
  • Hawaii Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Branch
  • Hawaii Water Quality Standards Map
  • Hawaii Watershed Atlas
  • Pollution Prevention
  • USGS Pacific Islands Water Science Center
  • Water Resources Research Center
  • Federal Links

    Pacific Islands Area Links

    • American Samoa
    • Guam
  • Hydrologic Resources of Guam
  • Water and Environmental Research Center
    • Saipan
  • Ground Water Resources of Saipan