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Range & Pasture

Grazing cattle on pasture.

Range and pasture lands are diverse types of land where the primary vegetation produced is herbaceous plants and shrubs. These lands provide forage for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses and other types of domestic livestock.  Many species of wildlife, both native and non-native also use these lands for food and cover in the Pacific Islands Area.  Native species include the pueo (Hawaiian owl) and the ‘io (Hawaiian hawk).  Non-native species include feral sheep, goats and donkeys, mouflon sheep, axis deer and black-tailed deer and many species of game birds.

Primary economic outputs include livestock production, but these lands also play a major role in our watersheds.  Environmental values of these lands are extensive and well managed range and pasture provide many essential ecosystem services, such as clean water, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. Scenic, cultural, and historic values of these lands provide not only economic benefits, but also quality of life values cherished by many.

Range and pasture lands are a national and statewide treasure. In Hawaii, they represent approximately 25 percent of the total land mass, offering benefits and values that make them extremely important, not only to the landowners, but to the entire State. Historical use and management of grazing lands long occurred without the benefit of grazing land science as we know it today. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the technical agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that helps connect current grazing land science with people using and managing these lands.  The NRCS provides assistance to conservation districts and individuals in planning and carrying out conservation activities. NRCS also assists with public awareness activities to inform the public on the values and benefits of well managed grazing lands.

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