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Invasive Species

Every day, invasive species are threatening the health of our nation’s vital agricultural and natural lands. Forests and rangelands are being infested, cropland production is being negatively impacted, streams and waterways are being choked with weeds, and wildlife species are losing habitat. These conditions are just a few of the negative impacts that will continue, or will become more severe, if successful actions are not taken to halt and/or reverse this trend.  

Overview and Selected Specific Examples of NRCS Activities to Address Invasive Species

NRCS helps producers to tackle invasive species problems in four major ways:

  • Technical and financial assistance to manage invasive species and pests;
  • Conservation initiatives that work at a landscape scale to address natural resource concerns, including invasive species;
  • Conservation Innovation Grants with partner entities to support development and implementation of innovative approaches and strategies to address invasive species; and
  • Plant Materials Center research geared toward invasive species management and restoring areas where invasive species have been removed.

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