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Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources are tangible remains of past human activity. These may include buildings; structures; prehistoric sites; historic or prehistoric objects or collection; rock inscription; earthworks, canals, or landscapes. These nonrenewable resources may yield unique information about past societies and environments, and provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems. Although many have been discovered and protected, there are numerous forgotten, undiscovered, or unprotected cultural resources in rural America.

Ensuring Compliance with Section 106 of the NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act)

In 2014, the ACHP (Advisory Council on Historic Preservation) designated a Prototype Programmatic Agreement (PPA) for the use by the NRCS. The PPA is a type of program alternative that assists a federal agency in its efforts to comply with the requirements of Section 106 of the NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act) and its implementing regulations (36 CFR Part 800).  The PPA is intended to be a template or model to suggest a consistent approach to Section 106 review.  Once a PPA has been designated by the ACHP, agencies may proceed to develop and execute a PPA with the relevant SHPO (State Historic Preservation Officer).  NRCS PIA has executed PPAs with the Hawaii SHPO and the American Samoa SHPO.


Brian Wallace
State Archaeologist / Cultural Resources Specialist
Phone: (808) 600-2917