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Conservation Innovation Grants

Conservation Innovation Grants

Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) are competitive grants that drive public and private sector innovation in resource conservation. CIG projects inspire creative problem solving that boosts production on farms, ranches, and private forests - ultimately, they improve water quality, soil health, and wildlife habitat.
Through CIG, public and private grantees develop the tools, technologies, and strategies to support next-generation conservation efforts on working lands and develop market-based solutions to resource challenges. Grantees augment CIG investments by matching federal funds at least one to one.

National CIG Funding Opportunities

National Competition - A CIG funding notice is announced each year. Funds for single- or multi-year projects, not to exceed three years, are awarded through a nationwide competitive grants process. Projects may be watershed-based, regional, multi-state or nationwide in scope. The natural resource concerns eligible for funding through CIG are identified in the funding announcement and may change annually to focus on new and emerging, high-priority natural resource concerns.

On-Farm Trials - Newly authorized in the 2018 Farm Bill, On-Farm Trials support more widespread adoption of innovative approaches, practices and systems on working lands. On-Farm Trials projects feature collaboration between NRCS and partners to implement on-the-ground conservation activities and then evaluate their impact. Incentive payments are provided to producers to offset the risk of implementing innovative approaches. Up to $25 million annually is available for On Farm Trials.

The Soil Health Demo Trial (SHD) component of On-Farm Trials focuses exclusively on implementation of conservation practices and systems that improve soil health. Eligible entities receiving SHD awards agree to follow consistent soil health assessment protocols to evaluate the impacts of practice and system implementation.

State CIG Funding Opportunities

State Competition - The CIG state component emphasizes projects that benefit a limited geographical area. Participating states announce their funding availability for CIG competitions through their state NRCS offices.
A total of up to $150,000 is available for the Pacific Islands Area CIG competition in FY 2020. PIA will consider CIG proposals that demonstrate new, unique or innovative implementation of conservation in changing and challenging island settings.  Project should include the evaluation of island cultural, social aspects, environmental and economic considerations for adoption; must address at least one of the following resource concerns: Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals and Energy; and need to result in the implementation of technology result in the implementation of technology or methods that can be used to augment agency technical guidance; be designed with an understanding of NRCS practice standards, pertinent assessment tools, and planning criteria

WEBINAR: A webinar for CIG applicants was scheduled for May 5, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time.  

More Information

​Pacific Islands Area CIG Contact:

Susan Kubo
Assistant Director for Partnerships
Phone: (808) 600-2921