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NRCS Employees

Pacific Islands Area (PI) NRCS Intranet

The pages within this section are for Pacific Islands Area (PI) NRCS Employees Only.

Business Tools

  1. Integrated Data for Enterprise Analysis (IDEA) – Hints & Tips
  2. Local Registration Authority (LRA) - Hints & Tips
  3. Performance Results System (PRS) - Hints & Tips
  4. ProTracts - Hints & Tips
  5. PRS - Performance Results System‚Äč

Administrative Services 

  1. Pacific Islands Area Bulletins
  2. NRCS Electronic Directives System
  3. PIA Onboarding Webpage
  4. Computer- Related

    1. Computer Access & Computer Applications Roles Access for NRCS and District Employees
    2. Computer Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Contacts -- Who do I call?

    Customer Information Management

    1. Affiliates List
    2. eAuthentication
    3. LRA eAuthentication
    4. SCIMS - Service Center Information Management System
    5. SCIMS Link Manager

    1. USDA Approved Computer Generated Forms
    3. OCIO Forms Management
    4. OPM Electronic Forms
    5. GSA Forms
    6. NFC Forms
    7. USDA Service Center Forms


    1. General Services Administration (GSA)
    2. General Services Administration (GSA) - Advantage On-line Shopping
    3. General Services Administration (GSA) - State Tax Rates & Exemption Information

          Pacific Islands Area

    1. ProTracts/Program Contracts System
    2. SF1164 (Accounts Payable Services Branch Submission Checklist / Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business) (PDF; 1.35 MB)

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    Equal Opportunity

    1. Civil Rights Advisory Committee - Pacific Islands Area
    2. Employee Assistance Program
    3. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Resources - Pacific Islands Area
    4. Quality of Information
    5. Student Employment Programs

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    Financial Management

    1. Corporate Property Management Automated Information System (CPAIS)
    2. Purchase Card Management System (PCMS)
    3. Travel: Per Diem Rates
    4. Travel: Travel Information - ETS2, Concur Government Edition

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    Health and Safety

    1. Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)
    2. Federal Employee Health Plans
    3. Federal Employees News Digest Home Page
    4. Form CA-1: Federal Employee's Notice of Traumatic Injury (PDF; 209 KB)
    5. Form CA-2: Notice of Occupational Disease (PDF; 143 KB)
    6. Heat Stress: NIOSH Safety and Health Topic

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    Human Resources

    1. AgLearn - USDA's Learning Management System.
    2. Employee Assistance Program
    3. EmpowHR: Your Human Capital Management System - Formerly iCAMS.
    4. Family Leave Act
    5. Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan
    6. Federal Salary Tables
    7. National Finance Center (NFC)
    8. National Finance Center (NFC) - Employee Personal Page
    9. PIA Employee Handbook (PDF; 183 KB)
      February 2014 - Pacific Islands Area Employee Guide
    10. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    11. Teleworking
    12. Thrift Savings Plan/TSP for Federal Employees - requires PIN
    13. USDA - Departmental Management - Office of Human Capital Management.
    14. USDA - Ethics Page
    15. USAJobs - The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information.

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    1. Employee Directory - Pacific Islands Area NRCS Employee Directory.
    2. EVoIP Phone System - Pacific Islands Area
      1. EVoIP 8841 Telephone Guide (PPT; 2 MB)
      2. EVoIP Guides - CP-8841 Quick Reference Guide (PDF; 394 KB)
      3. EVoIP Guides - Generic Basic Use Guide (PPT; 15 MB)
    3. - Federal, State, and Local Government Resources
    4. NRCS Photo Gallery & Multimedia
    5. USDA Service Center Locator

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    Technical Resources 

    1. Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)
      Note: Data for all the Pacific Islands Area locations are available by clicking on the location.
    2. Hawaii Wildlife Biology
    3. Pacific Islands Area and Hawaii Technical Notes
    4. Water Quality in Hawaii

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