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Public Notices

Entertaining and informative, these public service announcements will help listeners of every format and in every market understand that the benefits of conservation go way beyond the country...way beyond the farm.  The benefits of conservation touch everyone.  We believe these messages will too.

Conservation Practices Result in Healthy Grass and Strong Soil

USDA ’s Natural Resources Conservation Service helps a family ranch operation in Hawaii ensure there’s enough healthy grass to feed their cows. (Susan Carter. Andrew Stout, USDA Area Engineer. Rancher, Duane De Luz

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Listen to... Spanish Radio Public Service Announcements

Spanish Radio PSA #1 (60 sec)
Spanish Radio PSA #2 (60 sec)
Spanish Radio PSA #3 (60 sec)

Spanish Radio PSA scripts

Listen to... "Wonders of Wildlife" - PSA

"Visitors" PSA (WAV; 2.3 MB) (60 sec)
"Wild Things" PSA (WAV; 1.2MB) (30 sec)
"If you build it" PSA (WAV; 1.2MB) (30 sec)

Scripts for... Wonders of Wildlife" - PSA

"Visitors" PSA script
"Wild Things" PSA script
"If you build it" PSA script

Listen to... "Keeping your Forest Healthy" - PSA's

PSA #1 - "As the Wood Turns" (MP3; 1183 KB) 30 sec
PSA #2 - "As the Wood Turns" part 2 (MP3; 1183 KB) 30 sec
PSA #3 - "Forestry Prescription" (MP3; 1183 KB) 30 sec