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Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management Planning manages the amount, form, placement, timing and application of animal manure, commercial fertilizer, biosolids, and other plant nutrients used in production of agricultural products to maintain soil productivity, achieve optimum yield goals and prevent loss to the environment. 

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Nutrient Management Information Sheet (PDF, 82KB)

The 590 practice includes development of a nutrient budget for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for each crop grown in the crop rotation. The nutrient budget will include all applied and residual nutrients. Soil tests and manure test results will be used to develop site-specific nutrient recommendations. The Phosphorus Index (P-Index) will be used, when required, to identify areas of potential for P loss to the environment and to develop appropriate tactics to reduce the risk.

Supporting Documentation and Procedures for Pennsylvania available in eFOTG

590 Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Conservation Practice Standard 
590 Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Statement of Work 
590 Nutrient Management Practice Conservation Practice Physical Effects

590 Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Standard Job Sheet (PDF, 206KB)

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program

This web site provides a comprehensive source of information about Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management ACT (ACT 38, 2005) Program, and associated technical guidance and educational information. Planners should refer to this site for technical agronomic guidance for the nutrient budget and P-Index when developing 590 Nutrient Management Plans. This website is kept up-to-date and the latest planning and development tools for nutrient management in Pennsylvania can be found here.

Pennsylvania Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning (CNMP)

When NRCS provides nutrient management technical or financial assistance for an Animal Feeding Operation a CNMP will be developed. This site describes CNMP development in Pennsylvania.

NRCS Animal Waste Management

This site provides links to national NRCS animal waste management tools, such as Animal Waste Management software (AWM), Manure Management Planner (MMP), AFO Professional (AFOPro). Other references include guidance for composting, constructed wetlands for ag wastewater treatment, Ag Waste Management Field Handbook, CAFOs and training links.



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