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Conservation Innovation Grants

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Conservation Innovation GrantsCIG is a voluntary program that uses Environmental Quality Incentives (EQIP) Program funds to award competitive resource conservation grants to non-Federal governmental or non-governmental organizations or individuals from Pennsylvania. It does not fund research projects. Instead, it is a vehicle to stimulate the development and adoption of conservation approaches or technologies that have been studied sufficiently to indicate a likelihood of success and to be candidates for eventual technology transfer.

FY 2017 Call for Proposals

In 2017, USDA will invest up to $25 million for projects that spark the development and adoption of innovative conservation technologies and approaches in areas like conservation finance, data analytics, and precision conservation to benefit producers on private agricultural and forest lands.

Proposals for FY 2017 are due April 3, 2017.Poultry Litter Incinerator

The 2017 focus areas for project proposals include the following:

  • Innovative approaches that benefit historically underserved and veteran farmers and ranchers, beginning farmers and ranchers and those with limited resources;
  • Natural resources data analytics tools—such as software and mobile apps—that increase producer knowledge of conservation benefits and alternatives;
  • Precision conservation tools that uncover opportunities for better input management (for example, nutrient management addressing source, timing, rate and placement), or address in-field vulnerabilities;
  • Conservation finance approaches that demonstrate the potential for new investment strategies to accelerate and expand private lands conservation;
  • Demonstration, evaluation and quantification of the effects of water management and soil health practices to minimize off-site impacts of natural resource challenges, such as excess sediment and nutrient runoff;
  • Pay-for-success models that stimulate conservation adoption and achievement of measurable outcomes.

FY 2017 Announcement for Program Funding

FY 2017 Call for Proposals News Release

Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) Pennsylvania Component

Domes capturing gases from cow manure that was just spread on a corn field

The following is a list of forms:

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 Application for Federal Assistance


 Instructions for the SF-424



 Budget Information - Non Construction Programs



 SF-424A Template

 Supplemental SF 424A Instructions



 Assurances - Non Construction Programs



 Federal Financial Report



 Federal Financial Report Instructions




 Project Summary Template




 Quarterly Progress Report Template




 Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) - Final Project  Reports Guidance

National CIG Component
Grants Awarded in Pennsylvania (PDF, 360KB)


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