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Rapid Watershed Assessment

8-Digit HUC Watershed Profiles in Oregon

Between 2004 and 2008, the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Oregon produced Subbasin Profiles for all 91 eight-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) watersheds in the state.

The Watershed Profiles are descriptive documents containing maps, tables, charts and text. the contents include:

  • Physical description of land use, land ownership, precipitation common resource areas, stream data, and land capability classes.
  • Resource Concerns as identified in secondary documents, studies, and plans; and through  interviews with local conservationists and landowners.
  • Census and Social data describing farm populations, landowner willingness and ability to participate in conservation, and community ability to support conservation.
  • Conservation progress and status from PRMS data and interviews with local conservationists and landowners.
  • Bibliography of secondary information from which the profile was developed and where additional information may be obtained.

The Subbasin Profiles organize into one document information that local conservationists, landowners and others can use to identify conservation opportunities and direct technical and financial resources to the appropriate subbasins. They provide a concise description of the subbasins’ natural resources, resource concerns, conservation needs, and ability to resolve natural resource issues. They are intended to provide background information for general planning purposes.  The Profiles can be used to help initiate planning discussions among conservationists and stakeholders about maintaining watershed health through conservation.  

Most of the data for the profiles were collected through the National Land Cover Data Set, NRCS-National Resources Inventory, Census of Agriculture, and numerous Oregon State Agencies. Local conservationists verified data.

Navigate to our "Water Resources" page to access the watershed profiles in an Adobe PDF format, sorted by subbasin.