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Oregon Soil Survey Status Map

Soil Survey Status Map

Download printable soil survey status maps using the links below. The map is available in two formats: legal size (one page, 5 MB) and letter size (two pages, 5.4 MB)


SoilWeb App 2.0 Launches on Android and iOS

Wondering about the best place to build a pond, dig post holes, or crop production capability on you land? Soil Survey information can help you answer those questions. And now there's an app for that!

SoilWeb delivers convenient, instantaneous soil information for the exact soil the user is standing on. The app draws from the National Cooperative Soil Survey database, the largest soils database in the world.

The app is available as a free download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

For more information, download the fact sheet (PDF, 1.3 MB).

Prime Farmland Soils Updated in Oregon

An Oregon statewide list of Prime soils and codes has been updated from a 2007 list.  The list reflects current NASIS data and Web Soil Survey reports.  National references, definitions and Oregon specific rules for determining Prime Farmland Soil map units are included in the document. Download the Prime Farmland List for Oregon (PDF, 803 KB).


Hydric Soil Lists Available Through the Web Soil Survey

Current and Official Hydric Soil Lists, national criteria, and codes for hydric lists are available on the Web Soil Survey. The attached instructions provide a detailed process to get a hydric list by Soil Survey Area, and how to get a map and list of hydric soils for any area of interest. Instruction for hydric list & WSS (DOC, 42 KB)


Cooperative Soil Health Microbe Mapping Project NRCS Oregon Soils & OSU

Soil scientist studies soil in field

That National Cooperative Soil Survey selects Oregon State University (OSU) proposal in competitive research program. OSU has been awarded a research grant, one of four nationwide, to study soil microbes in Oregon. Soil microbes are a driver of soil health and play a critical role in the soil food web. For more information, see this soil microbe study fact sheet (PDF, 171 KB).


Yamhill County Soil Survey Updated

Yamhill Co Map

New & Improved Soil Survey Data for Yamhill County has been published and is available on the Web Soil Survey! Has your soil data been updated? Follow this link for the Yamhill County soil survey update fact sheet (PDF, 2.55 MB).


Policy, Procedures, Tools and Aids

NRCS Oregon Technical Notes