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Tribal Assistance

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NRCS has expertise in agronomy, range management, forestry, agricultural engineering, soils, water management, wildlife habitat management, aquaculture, and resource inventories.

NRCS field office personnel provides assistance upon request to private landowners and operators, Indian tribes and Tribal members. Assistance provided includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • conservation planning on cropland
  • pastureland, and rangeland and assistance to apply rangeland management and improvement practices
  • irrigation water development structures and management
  • brush control
  • erosion control structures
  • agriculture, forestry, farmland protection
  • wildlife habitat improvement
  • wetlands restoration

American Indians and Alaska Natives are eligible to participate in all NRCS programs and may have special status as provided by statute or regulation. The demand for NRCS services by American Indian tribal groups continues to increase as the value of NRCS assistance becomes better understood.

NRCS Programs for Tribes and Tribal Members

The NRCS provides technical assistance and financial assistance to private landowners and operators, tribes and tribal members to assist them in protecting and improving natural resources such as soil, water, air, plants, and animals.

NRCS can assist tribes and tribal members in conservation work, and how to apply for NRCS programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP). 

NRCS Oregon Tribal Advisory Council

Representatives from seven of Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes met with NRCS state leaders in October 2012 to determine the interest in developing a Tribal Advisory Council in Oregon. Since that time the Council continues to meet twice a year and provides a tribal "voice" to inform and guide Oregon NRCS on conservation issues that are important to Oregon tribes. The Council is convened by Oregon NRCS under the leadership of State Conservationist Ron Alvarado. Input from the Council is used to implement locally-led Conservation Implementation Strategies that engage Oregon tribes in NRCS Farm Bill assistance programs. For more information on the Oregon Tribal Advisory Council, including minutes from meetings, meeting dates, and other related information click the link below.

Meeting minutes and related documents


Kathy Ferge
State Tribal Liaison/Outreach Coordinator
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd. ,Suite 900
Portland, OR 97232
Office: 503/414-3239
Cell: 503/333-5658