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Technical Resources

Oklahoma Technical Resources

NRCS Oklahoma Technical Resources include Information, Tools, Models and Data.


Technical Resources


The Oklahoma Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) contains a vast array of technical information to assist in the planning, design, installation, and operation and maintenance of conservation practices.  Also included in the FOTG is natural resource information, standard and specifications.

Oklahoma GIS -  Geographic Information Systems

GIS Technical Information, Resources, Tools, Models, Maps and Data:

  • Instructions and downloads for Customer Service Toolkit (Toolkit2004)
  • Oklahoma Rapid Watershed Assessment Maps
  • 10 acre MIADS Landuse Tables
  • National Resources Inventory (NRI) data
  • Links to data downloads, interactive mappers, and others in the GIS community 

Operation & Maintenance Plans

To assist in the development of written operation and maintenance plans, the following guide sheets have been developed.  These can be used as a starting point in developing a site specific operation and maintenance plan.  The key to extending the life of any conservation practice is with a fully implemented operation and maintenance plan.


This item includes all the soils reports for each county, listed in a county alphabetical list.