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Oklahoma Annual Reports/Brochures/Publications

Last Modified: 07/27/2012

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Larger files may take several minutes to download, complete with photographs.

Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report (PDF; 9.23 MB) 2017 Annual Report (PDF;3,229)

2013 Annual Report (PDF;1,149KB)

2015 Annual Report (PDF; 19.6 MB)

2012 Annual Report (PDF;917KB)

2010 Annual Report  Letter Size (PDF; 618 KB)
2010 Annual Report  11"x17" Size (PDF; 705 KB)

2005 Annual Report (PDF; 204 KB)
2009 Annual Report (PDF; 96 KB) 2004 Annual Report (PDF; 1.06 MB)
2008 Annual Report  Letter Size (PDF; 2.37 MB)
2008 Annual Report  11"x17" Size (PDF; 2.37 MB)
2003 Annual Report (PDF; 622 KB)
2007 Annual Report (PDF; 622 KB) 2002 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report (PDF; 581 KB) 2001 Annual Report (PDF; 212 KB)

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Oklahoma Brochures and Publications

Watershed Program in Oklahoma dated 1/007 (PDF; 488KB)
Management After Wildfire 1/2006 (PDF; 280KB)
An Introduction To The NRCS dated 5/2005 (PDF; 637KB)
Conserving Your Land's Natural Resources Through A Conservation Plan dated 9/2005 (PDF; 254KB)
A Guide to Conservation Programs For Oklahoma Landowners (2002 Farm Bill) dated 3/2003 (PDF; 77KB)
2003 RC&D Annual Report (PDF; 482KB)
Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program dated 7/2002 (PDF; 77KB)
A Guide to the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program dated 7/2002 (PDF; 220KB)
Sergeant Major Creek Watershed (Nat'l Pilot Upstream Flood Control Rehabilitation Project) dated 2/2000 (PDF; 588KB)
HFRP-Oklahoma Overview and Eligibility dated 1/2010 (PDF; 241 KB)
HFRP-Oklahoma Questions and Answers dated 1/2010 (PDF; 441 KB)
HFRP-Adair County dated 1/2010 (PDF; 535 KB)
HFRP-Cherokee County dated 1/2010 (PDF; 535 KB)
HFRP-Delaware County dated 1/2010 (PDF; 535 KB)
HFRP-Ottawa County dated 1/2010 (PDF; 638 KB)
HFRP-Sequoyah County dated 1/2010 (PDF; 535 KB)


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Other Publications

Flying High On Conservation Coloring Book (PDF; 489KB)
Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall (PDF; 149KB)
Backyard Conservation