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Conservation Planning

Landowner and DC discuss her conservation planThe Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's principal agency for providing conservation technical assistance to private landowners, conservation districts, tribes, and other organizations.

NRCS delivers conservation technical assistance and is available to any group or individual interested in conserving our natural resources and sustaining agricultural production in this country.  Conservation technical assistance functions through a national network of locally-based, professional conservationists located in nearly every county of the United States.

Conservation planning is an essential component to protect our nation’s natural resources.  High-quality conservation plans give landowners and operators step-by-step recommendations they can use to improve wildlife habitat, pest management, soil health, and yields while reducing energy and input costs.  But this can only be achieved if we plan — only if we work with farmers and ranchers to integrate the management of the natural resources they rely on with the business objectives that guide their operations.


Program Contact:

Mark Smith
State Resource Conservationist