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Manure Management

A manure injection device for applying manure below the soil surfaceManure management is a critical component in improving water quality. Mismanagement of manure can cause excessive nutrients and pathogens impacting surface and groundwater. NRCS has a number of conservation practices that with proper planning, design, implementation, and operation and management, can reduce and/or eliminate the potential for pollution. Properly recycled manure can provide the nutrients and organic matter that improve the soil and provide for plant growth.

Manure-Pond Incidents Reinforce Need for Safety Awareness

Web image: A danger sign warning about deadly manure gasesThe recent deaths of three Pennsylvania farm-family members in a manure-storage pond in Maryland is a stark reminder of the need for safety precautions when working around such facilities, according to a farm-safety specialist in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Read more.

Animal Waste Management (AWM) Software Training Video

This training video describes the basic features of how to use the Animal Waste Management software, authored by John Classen, North Carolina State University.

Animal Waste Management (AWM) Software Training Video

This software has been used by consultants and government Technical Service Providers (TSP) for a number of years in designing storage and treatment facilities for animal production operations.

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