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State Technical Committee

Established by the 1985 Food Security Act, the Nevada STAC provides recommendations to NRCS to carry out the conservation provisions of the Farm Bill.  Although the STAC has no implementation or enforcement authority, the committee's recommendations are given strong consideration by USDA.

The STAC provides advice and input to NRCS on many issues, including:

• State program management policies and procedures
• Technical programmatic recommendations
• Statewide public information and outreach campaigns
• Identifying significant statewide natural resource concerns
• Guidelines for developing ranking criteria for evaluating applications
• Guidance on eligible conservation practices
• Technical guidance on conservation practices, including new and innovative practices
• Cost share rates and incentive payment limits and methods of payment
• Identifying, monitoring, and analyzing performance indicators
• Evaluating and reporting program impacts on natural resources and the environment
• Coordinating with other Federal, State, Tribal, and local public and private activities

2018 Nevada State Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Meeting

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STAC Agenda
2019 ACEP-ALE Ranking Form
2019 ACEP-WRE Ranking Form
FY2019 GARC Information
Programs Data for FY2018 WITH COMPARISON TO FY2017
Proposed FY19 Funding Pools
Trend Data for Sage Grouse Contracts_Chart