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Biology Tree with water plants and bugs



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National Biology Handbook, Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Resources

Subpart A General Information (PDF; 305 KB)

  • Part 600 Introduction

  • Part 601 Conservation Partnerships

  • Part 602 Training Opportunities

Subpart B Conservation Planning (PDF; 13 MB)

  • Part 610 Ecological Principles for Resource Planners

  • Part 611 Conservation Planning for Integrating Biological Resources

  • Part 612 Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Ecological Site Descriptions

  • Part 613 Conservation Corridor Planning at the Landscape Level Managing for Wildlife Habitat

  • Part 614 Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Version 2

Subpart C Technical Resources (PDF; 3.6 MB)

  • Part 620 Technical References for Integrating Fish and Wildlife Considerations into Conservation Planning

  • Part 621 Technical Guidance Documents

  • Part 630 Exhibits

  • Cover Page

  • Tabs for Printout

Subpart D Reporting Procedures for Conservation Practice Standards (PDF; 273 KB)

  • Part 640.00 Guidance for Assessing and Reporting Stream Miles Affected by Activities Completed Under Conservation Practice Standard 396, Fish Passage

  • Part 641.00 Guidance for Effective Implementation and Reporting of conservation Practice Standard 395, Stream Habitat Improvement and Management

If you would like more information, please contact Thad Heater, State Biologist, at (775) 857-8500 ext. 144.