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Technical Service Providers

Step-by-Step Guide for Registering as a TSP

Technical Service Provider RegistryTechReg is an Internet application that allows individuals, businesses, and public agencies to register and become certified as Technical Service Providers. It also provides conservation program participants with a directory for obtaining certified TSPs. To become a certified TSP, follow the steps below:

Basic Instructions for Becoming a TSP

Trouble Shooting Log-in Problems


Step 1: Create a User ID and Password

You must obtain a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 account (User ID and password) to register as a TSP. All other features of TechReg are accessible without a User ID.

Access to all USDA web sites protected by eAuthentication (eAuth) is handled through a common login screen. As a security precaution, you have three chances to login using your USDA eAuthentication account. After three consecutive unsuccessful tries, your account is temporarily locked. The lock on the account should release itself after a period of 60 minutes of inactivity.

For issues related to account passwords, account usage, and account maintenance, please contact the USDA eAuthentication Help Desk via email at: Make sure that you are using the correct User ID and password. Remember: If you haven’t used your eAuth login in six months, more than likely it has been disabled. The Help Desk can enable your account. Do not go to the eAuth web site and request another Level 2 account.

Once logged in, if you have questions navigating the TechReg web site, contact TechReg technical support by email at You can use the “Contact Us” button on TechReg to generate an email message to TechReg technical support. Also under “Contact Us” is a link to the state TSP coordinators.

If you already have a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 account and your account is enabled, you may click “Login” on the TechReg home page and enter your User ID and password to register as a TSP.

Remember: USDA eAuthentication accounts are disabled after 6 months of inactivity. If you have not used your account for 6 months or more and cannot login or cannot remember your password, contact for assistance.

If you do not have an account, go to:

  • Obtain an eAuthentication level 2 Account.
  • Fill out the fields (including a phone number which is required for TSP registration). Be sure to enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on your government-issued photo ID, such as state driver’s license or U.S. passport. (You will later bring that same ID to a USDA Service Center for verification.)
  • Once you have submitted the information requested, you will receive an email that will instruct you to Activate your Account within 7 days. Click on the ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT link in the email.
  • After you click on the email link, visit a local USDA Service Center in person. The USDA employee at the Service Center will verify your identity and activate your account on the USDA side. You can find the location and contact information for a Service Center near you at
  • Once your account is activated by the USDA employee, you should receive an email stating that your account is ready for use to access USDA applications (i.e., TechReg).

Step 2: Read Application Instructions and Certification Documents

  • Applications may be submitted by individuals, businesses, or public agencies. A prospective TSP is advised to review the certification categories and their requirements and the certification agreement before beginning the application process.

View and Print Detailed Instructions for the Application Process
View Technical Service Provider Certification Agreement
View Eligibility Requirements for Practice Categories for Certification

View Eligibility Requirements for Conservation Activity Plans for Certification

View Civil Rights Responsibilities

  • Fill out the sections that pertain to you as an individual, business, or public agency. Potential TSPs must be able to demonstrate knowledge in their respective areas of expertise through documentation of training or experience. To become certified, applicants must meet all of the certification requirements contained in TechReg for the specific category or categories of technical services they wish to provide. For those categories that have multiple options, the TSP must meet all requirements for one chosen option. The TSP must obtain licenses or certifications required by local, state, or tribal law. Applicants must document their qualifications in TechReg and indicate how they meet specific certification criteria.
  • Please note that Conservation Planning Modules 1 – 5 and the TSP Orientation Course are basic requirements for all categories and conservation activity plans.

NRCS provides TSPs access to The Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) Service educational services for USDA federal employees, contractors, partners and customers. NRCS provides to TSPs so that they may take online courses needed for certification or recertification. Required courses and available courses, along with upcoming training opportunities and instructions for registering at AgLearn, are located on the upper right hand side TechReg home page under “I Want to Receive TSP Training.”

  • The TSP must sign a certification agreement electronically to complete the application process. This is done within the TSP Profile in TechReg.

Step 3: Become Certified

A message will be transmitted to each state in which the TSP has applied. NRCS personnel in those state(s) have up to 60 days to review your application and verify your credentials. You should be contacted if discrepancies are noted. When the review is completed and your application is found to meet requirements, the designated State Conservationist will certify your application by electronically countersigning the certification agreement. Once certified by NRCS, TSPs will be placed on an “approved list” in TechReg to provide specific technical services in those specific states.

Step 4: Provide Services

Producers can search TechReg to find certified TSPs. Once selected and hired by the producer, the TSPs can provide the technical services they are certified to perform. TSPs can also check individual state web pages for potential business opportunities. Please contact the TSP State Coordinator for specific information.