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Sage-Grouse Initiative

Seriously Sage-Grouse Coloring Book (PDF, 1.1MB)

Soil and S. K. Worm  

S.K.Worm, the official annelid, or worm, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service answers questions about soil.  The S.K. stands for "Scientific Knowledge." 


The activities on this page require Microsoft PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader, or Microsoft Word

Conservation Activity Book (PDF; 489 KB)
SK Worm PowerPoint presentation (PPT; 1.21 MB)
Worms Help Us coloring page (DOC; 31 KB)
Know Your Worms quiz (DOC; 32 KB)
Top Soil coloring page (PDF; 584 KB)

Agricultural Activities and Information

  Nevada Ag in The Classroom - Ag Commodities Map

NV Agricultural Commodities MapCopies of this map are available by calling:
Heather Emmons at 775 857-8500 x105

Agricultural Map

NV Agricultural Commodities Map (PDF; 2.43 MB)

Ag Games

Agricultural Education Links

Soil - Dig In!

Give students the dirt on soil with a practical book that brings new meaning to the term "hands-on." Using these 12 activities and two original stories as guides, kids will soon be up to their elbows in the study of soil formation, habitats and land use, animals that depend on soil, plants that grow in soil, soil science, and soil conservation. Each teacher-tested lesson plan offers helpful background, assessment methods, and suggestions for further exploration.

To purchase copies, visit the National Science Teachers Association Web site at in.

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