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State Office

Nevada NRCS State OfficeSierra Nevada

1365 Corporate Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502-7102

(775) 857-8500 - Telephone
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

State Conservationist Office

Ray Dotson, State Conservationist
Jonnie Eyler, Executive Assistant

Public Affairs

Heather Emmons, State Public Affairs Officer

Administrative Office

Dennis Workeman,ASTC-Management and Strategy
Mani Gomez, Financial Resource Specialist
Vacant, Business Specialist


Vinh Hoang, State Conservation Engineer
Jeff Anderson, Hydrologist
Julia Knight Grim, Geologist (CA/NV)

Information Technology

Sam Liu, Information Technology Specialist

Programs Management

Gary Roeder, ASTC - Programs
Paulette Balliette, Resource Conservationist
Susan Looper, Technical Resource Conservationist

Resource Technology

Karri Honaker, State Resource Conservationist
Patti Novak-Echenique, State Rangeland Management Specialist
Deborah Koziol, State Wildlife Biologist
Charles (Pete) Armitage, Archeologist
Albert Mulder, State Agronomist
Robert (Bobby) Jones, NDOW Wildlife Biologist


James Komar, State Soil Scientist

Major Land Resource Area (MLRA-Soils)

Erin Hourihan, Range Management Specialist


Kevin Roukey, Director, Washoe Storey


Margarita Liebel, Contracting Officer
Daniel Gilbert, Purchasing Agent
Thad Heater, Sage Grouse Initiative Coordinator

**Directory is annotated by supervision**


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