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State Office

Nevada NRCS State OfficeSierra Nevada

1365 Corporate Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502-7102

(775) 857-8500 - Telephone
(855) 816-0893 - Toll Free Fax

State Conservationist Office

  • Ray Dotson, State Conservationist
  • Jonnie Eyler, Executive Assistant

Management and Strategy

  • Dennis Workeman, ASTC-Management and Strategy
  • Mani Gomez, Financial Resource Specialist
  • Jan Kitamori, Business Support Specialist
  • Heather Emmons, State Public Affairs Officer


  • Jose Rosado, State Conservation Engineer
  • Mike Callahan, State Design Engineer
  • Julia Knight Grim, Geologist (CA/NV)

Field Operations

  • LaKeisha Barber, ASTC-Field Operations
  • Jarrod Edmunds, Area Resource Conservationist
  • Todd Allai, Area Resource Conservationist

Programs Management

  • Paulette Balliette, Acting ASTC-Programs
  • Paulette Balliette, Resource Conservationist
  • Susan Looper, Technical Resource Conservationist
  • Erik Bray, Easement Coordinator

Resource Technology

  • Jim Gifford, State Resource Conservationist
  • Dustin (Dusty) Jager, State Rangeland Management Specialist
  • Anthony (Tony) Bush, State Wildlife Biologist
  • Charles (Pete) Armitage, Archeologist
  • Allen Moody, State Agronomist


  • James Komar, State Soil Scientist
  • Genevieve Landucci, Resource Soil Scientist
  • Jeff Anderson, Hydrologist

Information Technology

  • Sam Liu, Information Technology Specialist


  • Bret Tyler, Director, Washoe Storey

FPAC Business Center

  • Margarita Liebel, Contracting Officer
  • Daniel Gilbert, Purchasing Agent

Soil Science & Resource Assessment, Outcomes Team

  • Thad Heater, Sage Grouse Initiative Coordinator

**Directory is annotated by supervision**


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