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Conservation Innovation Grants

Conservation Innovation Grants

The deadline for New Mexico CIG applications for fiscal year 2022 is April 22, 2022.

New Mexico NRCS is requesting applications for Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies. Applications are accepted for projects located in New Mexico only. Eligible applicants are individuals, non-federal government and non-government organizations for projects between one and three years in duration. New Mexico will fund up to $50,000 for fiscal year 2022. The funding floor for a single award is $5,000 and the funding ceiling for a single award is $50,000.

Please read the following New Mexico Notice of Funding for information on how to apply for the state CIG. Applications must address at least one of the state priorities listed in the NOF. New Mexico is offering a lower match requirement for projects that benefit historically underserved customers. At least 10 percent of the total funds available for CIG in FY 2022 is set aside for proposals from Historically Underserved producers, veteran farmers or ranchers, or community-based organizations comprised of or representing these entities. A project that applies to the HU set aside and qualifies as an organization outlined in Section D4(f) i-iv of the NOF may provide a match that is at least 25% of the project cost, which would be at least 50% of the federal funds requested.

NM State CIG 2022 Notice of Funding (NOF) (PDF; 1.39 MB)

The New Mexico State CIG notice of program funding is posted in “” under opportunity number USDA-NRCS-NM-CIG-22-NOFO0001159. Applicants must be registered with and Please follow the instructions in the notice of funding. A de minimis agreement must be submitted if a de minimis rate is being requested.

10 Percent De Minimis Indirect Cost Rate (DOC, 95 KB)

Funded New Mexico CIG Projects 

  • Quivira Coalition: Teaching forest landowners how to produce biochar from woody materials to improve soil health
  • Quivira Coalition: Comparing organic matter amendments in dry rangeland environment
  • Center of Excellence: Short Duration/High intensity grazing and its effects on vegetation and soil health in southeastern New Mexico
  • Playa Lakes Joint Venture: A Groundwater Recharge Calculator for Restoration Practices on Playa Wetlands
  • Quivira Coalition: Building Farmer and Rancher capacity to support soil health in New Mexico
  • New Mexico State University: Improving soil health and ecosystem services through circular grass buffers strips, cover cropping and crop diversification in New Mexico
  • New Mexico State University: Strategies for soil and water conservation and sustainable forage corn production system: cutting height, row spacing and forage quality considerations
  • Remote Well Solutions / Propane generator/automated monitoring technology demonstration
  • Elephant Butte Irrigation District / Low head hydro-electric power generation on irrigation canals demonstration
  • McKinley and Lea SWCD's / No-till drill demonstrations
  • Jornada RC&D / Stream Barb demonstration on Palomas Creek, a dry arroyo
  • Rio Grande Community Farms / Drip irrigation and organic farming demonstration
  • NMSU Clovis Experiment Station / No-till/minimum tillage demonstration
  • Jarrett Dairies / Combined anaerobic digestion and wetland treatment of dairy waste
  • Canada Alamosa / Constructed Log Jams
  • NMSU / Adapting Planting and Harvesting Methods for Corn Silage to Increase Field Residue

Program Contact:

Athena Cholas
Resource Conservationist
100 Sun Avenue N.E., Suite 602
Albuquerque, NM 87109-3434
(505) 761-4419